1. Confession (TW) don’t read

    I get so angry that my self harm is so shit.
    My arms are so covered in scars, no matter how hard I press on the blade or how sharp it is it never goes deep because my skins so scarred.
    So I just have 100000 stupid little cuts when I just want to cut deep.
    I’m so fucked up πŸ˜₯


  2. Anonymous asked: have you ever had that sensation of dont wanting to wake up to get away from your problems and like just because you dont want to face life?

    Every. Single. Day. Stay strong gorgeous xxxx


  3. Anonymous asked: Is that a tattoo?:)

    No but I really want it ☺️

  4. Day late sorry πŸ™ˆ
    ‘A semi colon represents where the author could’ve finished the sentence, but chose not to
    You are the author, and the sentence is your life’

    I’ve spent my whole teenage years suicidal, self harming and unhappy. I chose to live, I chose to fight for my life. I will not let mental illnesses ruin me, I will not let them win.


  5. Anonymous asked: U re so tiny! REALLY NOT FAT! Wish u the best xx

    Thankyou lovely. I promise I’m no where near tiny Hun 😊 lots of love xxxx


  6. Anonymous asked: I think tumblr is the wrong place to ask advice on things like taking pills, that's the sort of thing you should ask a doctor or your parents! At the end of the day people on tumblr don't know your real life!

    Haha oh gosh can you imagine me just going to the doctors ‘yeah I overdosed a few times and I’ve got a headache can I take some more?’ That would go down well…


  7. Thankyou all for your advice on my last posts, I did end up taking paracetamol because I was in so much pain I was almost sick… But it worked. Th migraine is less now but beginning to feel really sick again 😭 when will this go away?!?!?! πŸ˜’
    Going to try and distract myself by mowing the lawn which is my new favourite because I couldn’t do it at all last year (we have a ride on) πŸŽ‰

  8. Supposed to be going out for lunch but don’t know what to wear because I look so fucking fat in everything and my head is killing me I feel so sick it’s throbbing 😭😭😭😭
    I should probably tell my mum I have such a bad headache but I know she’ll just freak and I can’t deal with the stress because it’s just making it worse fuck fuckkk


  9. Advice pleasee

    I have such a bad headache but idk if I should take anything?
    Like I can barely open my eyes it hurts so bad but idk paracetamol and my therapist warned me about a staggered OD so hmmm I don’t know advice please 😭πŸ˜₯


  10. Anonymous asked: How are you feeling? What happened

    Much better thanks! I ate too much chocolate today and h think it sent my blood sugars way out of whack πŸ˜’ that and I slipped up a took only a few pills last night, 3, but I drank lots and lots and ate lots and lots and it was probably the mixture of the two but after dinner I felt much better. Thankyou for caring. xxxx

  11. Shopping trip avec papa today resulted in lots of money being spent πŸ˜› (this is one of the outfits)
    Okay so quick update:
    1) I did not overdose. I am fine I promise. I was really struggling recently with suicidal thoughts but mum is with me and I am okay.
    2) the hand washing is getting slightly better with mums help even though they did start crazy bleeding today at shopping and it was so embarrassing because dad was like umm yeah sorry she has dry hands😢
    3) mum made a fear food: QUICHE!! For dinner, but I just couldn’t do it 😭 so ended up having chicken goujons which is still scary so yey πŸ‘



  12. Anonymous asked: What have you done lovely? You're scaring me. you haven't taken another overdose have you? <3

    I’m fine I promise I havnt done anything xxx


  13. Sorry everyone I promise I am alive and okay, I’m not posting about what’s going on but if you really want to know hen ask off anon because I don’t want a load of anon hate again.
    Promise to answer the messages later and do am update, love you all to bits your actually amazing ❀️❀️❀️❀️


  14. I’m such an idiot.
    Why did I do that.

    Actually may be sick rn 😢😰


  15. Feel so sick and idk I need to talk because I was stupid but idk idk what shit my head fuck I can’t even eat I feel sick but I can’t tell mum shit head sort your stuff out fuck fucker